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3 Significant Roles of a Strata Management Team

by Javier Carter

There is no doubt that a poorly managed apartment complex does nothing but frustrate existing tenants and keep potential clients away. It is especially the case today when more Australians are moving to inner cities where family-style complexes are coming up. It is the reason property owners need to find an experienced strata management team. The dedicated team of professionals understands the unique complexities of managing apartment blocks, giving property owners an easy time. This article highlights essential tasks that a dedicated strata management team can take off your hands.

Organising and Coordinating Repairs and Maintenance

When a tenant pays their rent or lease, they expect you to provide all the necessary amenities. It includes utilities such as clean running water, electricity, manicured lawns, proper waste management and well-maintained playgrounds and parking lots. However, when the amenities are left unattended, the chances are high that they deteriorate, making life difficult for tenants. Some property owners try to address the issues themselves, but things can get overwhelming.

An experienced strata management team understands what it takes to keep an apartment complex habitable. The team schedules proactive and cyclical maintenance services for all common properties. It includes hiring the best plumbers, waste management services, electricians, roofers, and any other licensed tradesperson. As long as a property is well maintained and repairs are done promptly, tenants have no reason to cancel their leases.

Ensuring a Safe Strata Scheme

Are you conversant with annual fire testing statements? Do you know anything about mould remediation services? If you own a strata scheme, safety is something that you will be dealing with every day. Notably, your tenants will not honour part of their lease agreement if they deem that an apartment is unsafe. Rather than tackle problems you know nothing about, let a strata management team help you.

A strata management team ensures that every aspect of an apartment complex is safe for tenants. For instance, the team will conduct regular fire tests and drills, keep a property free of mould, ensure that a pool fence is unreachable, and ensure safety compliance across the board. Ultimately, a safe apartment complex is attractive to potential customers.

Upholding Tenancy Rules and Regulations

Imagine getting a phone call in the middle of the night that a tenant's snake pet has bitten another tenant's child. You may not know where to begin, but you could be held liable for contributory negligence. A strata management team can help you avoid such scenarios by ensuring that tenants abide by tenancy rules and regulations. For example, some strata-scheme by-laws have pet restrictions, which tenants must observe. A strata management team will ensure tenants only keep pets allowed by the by-laws and nothing else. It creates a safe living environment and an understanding and respectful community.