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Baby on the way, termites here to stay? A quick guide to keeping termites at bay while pregnant

by Javier Carter

There are plenty of things that you need to steer clear of during pregnant, so it's easy to start feeling suspicious about the health risks of all regular chemicals used around the home. If you're pregnant and have a termite problem that needs management, check out this quick guide to keeping yourself and your baby safe.

Steer clear of over-the-counter pesticides

While the risk to pregnant women and unborn babies during the pest control process can be minimal, the best way to ensure safety is to employ a experienced professional for termite treatment. Correct application of termite pesticide, without direct exposure, can significantly reduce the risk during pregnancy. As such, over-the-counter pesticides that require you to be nearby during dispersal may not provide adequate protection from exposure, while posing an increased health risk. If you plan to use over-the-counter pest control for your termite problem, opt for non-chemical solutions as a first step and consult with your healthcare professional for specific advice for your personal circumstances.

Vacate during treatment

Most professional pest controllers don't require residents to vacate their home during termite treatment operations. If you are concerned that you may come into contact with wet chemicals or pesticide powders, you may wish to stay overnight with a family member or friend- even if this is simply for your own sense of wellbeing. Chat with your local pest control expert and health professional prior to vacating, as it might not be necessary in your personal circumstances. Alternatively, you may want to postpone your termite control until after your baby is born; however, this may pose a risk both to your newborn and the long term structural integrity of your home if termites are left too long.

Consider a bait station alternative

Following a comprehensive termite inspection report, your local pest control professionals can recommend effective treatment in the form of chemical soil treatment, or the installation of a well-monitored baiting system. Your termite specialist can place stations in prime locations for a non-repellent and slow-acting termite colony elimination, which is good for your home timber frame and great for your baby's health. Chat with your pest control professional about the suitability of bait stations as an effective way to control your termite problem while pregnant.

While the majority of domestic termite treatments in Australia don't cause birth defects, exposure can definitely heighten a pregnant mother's anxiety. For more information, safety data sheets and expert advice, contact experienced local pest control companies like Allstate Pest Control.