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Facility Cleaning Tips: How to Impress Your Clients With a Clean Lobby

by Javier Carter

If your business has a waiting room or lobby, it is the first thing that people see as they enter the premises. A clean, organized, and professional lobby can create a positive, lasting impression on your customers and determine whether they will continue to do business with you. Such a workplace can also improve employee productivity, health, and safety. Here you will learn some simple, actionable steps that you can take to impress your clients with a clean and organized lobby.

Pay attention to high traffic areas

Certain areas of your business are bound to experience more foot traffic than others during the day. The lobby being the spot where people enter and exit the building, or wait for services usually experiences heavier traffic than most of the other parts of the facility. Pay attention to the floors, carpets, and rugs around the lobby if you want to keep the area clean at all times. The carpets and rugs are bound to get dirty and wear down faster. Have them vacuumed on a daily basis and deep cleaned fortnightly to extend their durability. The floors may get dirtier during the rainy season, and they may require cleaning more than once a day.

Look out for unusual smells

People have a tendency of paying attention to smells when they visit a building, and if the facility smells bad, your clients will notice. Bad odors can result from dirty rugs and carpets due to dirt and food spills, chemicals, and poorly maintained HVAC systems. The air conditioning system circulates air in the building, and if there is a build-up in the ventilation system, it can cause a stale, musty odor all over the premises. Besides being unpleasant, this odor can pose health problems for individuals with allergic reactions. Keep the floor furnishings and HVAC equipment clean at all times to ensure that the facility smells clean at all times and prevent respiratory complications.

Dust the lobby regularly

Dusting the furniture in the waiting room is a task that's often overlooked in the daily cleaning routine. No one wants to sit on a dirty sofa as they wait to be served, and if they do, they may be anxious and uncomfortable. Make sure that the tables, sofas, stands, and lamps are clean and free of dust if you want to create a comfortable and professional lobby for your clients. If you have magazines, makes sure that they are not covered in dust as this may discourage your customers from reading them.

Contact a commercial cleaning company for professional cleaning of your lobby and the rest of the facility to create a positive first impression for your business.