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Tips for Saving Money on Moving Trucks

by Javier Carter

When you move house, you might consider renting a moving truck or hiring professional movers for the trip. Unfortunately, this can cost quite a bit of money and might go over your moving budget. However, there are some ways to save on these costs. Here are some tips for saving money on removalists and moving trucks.

Be Flexible With Your Schedule

One great way to save money on your moving costs is by being a little more flexible with when you want to move. Many moving companies will charge more during the weekend as this is when many people like to move so their schedules get backed up. However, if it is possible to move in the middle of the week or during a certain time of the month, you might find that you can save a little money. You can also call up the moving company and ask them about costs during different times of the week or month. This lets you know when to arrange for moving services.

Rent a Smaller Moving Truck

If you are renting a moving truck to move on your own, consider renting a smaller moving truck and either taking multiple trips or using your own truck for some of the goods. Moving trucks are more expensive the larger they are, so if you can get away with a small truck and take two trips instead of one, you can save a good amount of money on the rental. If you already have a truck or van, you know that you can move a good amount of boxes or furniture with that vehicle. Also consider renting a trailer that you can pull behind your truck, which can keep you from having to rent a larger moving truck.

Pack Your Own Boxes

While hiring a moving company to handle packing boxes and disassembling furniture is convenient, it is not cost-effective when you are already on a tight budget. When looking up movers, ask about the price difference between packing your own stuff and just having it moved for you or hiring full-service movers. You might find that you save quite a bit of money just by packing up all your own boxes, even with the expense of purchasing boxes, packing tape, markers and packing materials for inside the boxes. Many moving companies will offer you great discounts on these items when you choose their company for professional moving services or to rent a moving truck from them.